Humanitarian aid 18.03.2022
According to the Memorandum signed between the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the Kyiv School of Economics Charitable Foundation and the Fozzy Group on Humanitarian Aid: Ukraine receives humanitarian goods fr om suppliers and producers, which are delivered and distributed through Silpo, Fora, Траш! Thrash!, Fozzy C&C stores.

Smooth communication has now been established with the Ministry, and humanitarian aid has already been distributed at 53 Silpo stores. We are making every effort to increase the geography of distribution, including other group's retail chains.

As of March 18, 2022, 569 pallets of humanitarian goods have already been received. In particular, Ukrainians will be able to get cereals, pasta, canned meat, fish and vegetables, potatoes, snacks, milk, water, cookies, chocolate and disposable tableware. 476 pallets of humanitarian cargo are in the company's warehouse, wh ere batches of goods are assembled for stores. Right after the mentioned process is finished and as soon as there's a window for delivery, goods are promptly supplied to stores.

Dozens of foreign suppliers and producers sympathize with Ukrainians and are ready to continue to provide humanitarian assistance. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the amount of humanitarian aid will only increase. We have tremendous support. 

Detailed information on the distribution of humanitarian aid can be found in the reports that are generated online. 

Glory to Ukraine! 
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