Fozzy Group has established reliable partner relationships with key Ukrainian and international suppliers. Our contract terms are favorable for both sides as we set them for long term and purchase goods at one price for all our retail chains.

In dealing with suppliers, Fozzy Group is motivated by its customers interests as the Group is to provide the customers with the best possible selection, reasonable prices and quality service. This is the core of our business success. Therefore, the main demands in cooperation boil down to the fulfillment of the terms of contracts signed with suppliers, in order to ensure 100% of the range of products described in the contract is available within the agreed time frames and at the specified prices.

The group mainly places orders for the manufacture of private label products at the production facilities of local producers. The portfolio of producers is expanded every month to include more of the companies that sell leading brands on the Ukrainian market. In some product categories (e.g., pasta, salmon roe, olives, olive oil) the group works with foreign companies