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Store chain “Thrash! Траш!” is represented by stores of the format of the super price for essential goods. We are real hunters for original products, both locally produced and imported. Therefore, the product range of “Thrash! Траш!” has already more than 3500 items. 550 items are our special highlights – those are the products imported by the efforts of Fozzy Group.

Today our chain store consists of more than 70 stores in different regions of Ukraine and it is constantly expanding to new locations. Every Tuesday, we organize unrivaled #GastroRush with cool discounts to your favorite products, and on Fridays, we say: “Thank God, it’s Friday” and offer a selection of cool promotions on alcohol. We thrash prices and create modern shops that satisfy all the wishes of our clients and we create a super mood. “Thrash! Траш!” is your super market!