Fozzy Group restaurant business has been developing since the opening of the first authentic Czech restaurant in Ukraine, U Hromogo Pola, in 2005. Nowadays, the restaurant business encompasses 7 establishments in Kyiv, including two Boulangerie bakeries.

U Chromý Pol

U Hromogo Pola is the first genuine Czech restaurant in Ukraine opened in Kyiv in 2005. This is the place where you can feel the famous Czech “pOhoda”: bliss and comfort.

4, M. Omelyanovich-Pavlenko Str., Kyiv
tel: +380 44 280-50-07,
+380 99 923-81-07

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POSITANO, the restaurant-pizzeria of Neapolitan cuisine, is headed by Marco Cervetti, Silpo corporate chef, and world-famous pizza maker from Naples, the owner of the Michelin guide, Enzo Coccia. On the menu – over 10 types of pizza from a wood-fired oven, such as it is prepared in Naples, traditional dishes of the Campania region and original recipes from daily cooked homemade pasta.

Address: 1-V, P. Tychyny Ave.
Silver Breeze shopping mall, Kyiv
tel.: +380 99 927-68-82
In "Jiao-bar" menu – traditional, authentic, exceptionally handmade Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings, and the most delicious ramen in Kiev! 

Locations in Kyiv: 

20-D, Polyarna Str. 
Epicenter shopping mall, 1st floor
tel.: +380 99 929-87-71

1-V, Pavla Tychyny ave.
Ground floor
Silver Breeze Mall
tel.: +380 95 276-09-30

Escobar – the restaurant with the character of the colorful and hospitable Latin America, offering hearty cuisine, mojito and 34 sorts of rum. Opened in Kyiv in November, 2018.

21-A/20, Yaroslaviv Val, Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 272-65-00

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Is a drinking establishment in the aesthetics style of restrained world bars. Opened in Kyiv in November, 2018.

21-A/20, Yaroslaviv Val, Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 99 913-13-99

The first bakery was opened in Kiev in 2007. Today, the two Boulangerie in Kiev have their own unique style and fans of coffee and the best baking recipes from European travels.

21/20, Yaroslaviv Val Str., Kyiv 
tel.: +380 44 234-04-47
7/10-A, Lutheranska Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 279-33-24