Fozzy Group restaurant business was established in 2005 when the first authentic Czech restaurant in Ukraine, U Hromogo Pola, was opened. Nowadays, Fozzy Group restaurants encompass 8 locations, including two food courts in Arkadia shopping malls in Kyiv.

U Chromý Pol

U Hromogo Pola is the first genuine Czech restaurant in Ukraine opened in Kyiv in 2005. This is the place where you can feel the famous Czech “pOhoda”: bliss and comfort.

4, Suvorova Str., Kyiv
tel: +380 44 280-50-07

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U Hromogo Pola site


Staromak is a piece of Czech Republic in the center of Kyiv opened in 2009. The “Minus 4” Gallery located under the roof of the restaurant will surely be interesting to all admirers of art.

37-41, Artema Str., Kyiv
tel: +380 44 461-91-09

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La Bodeguita del Medio

All aspects of an original Havana restaurant are observed at Kiev Bodeguita: design, traditions, special Mojito, Creole cuisine and music by Cuban musicians.


21/20, Yaroslaviv Val Str., Kyiv 

tel.: +380 44 272-65-00

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La Bodeguita del Medio site

Traditional, authentic, exceptionally handmade Jiaozi Chinese dumplings by our chief-orientalist, who lived and worked in China. 

33, Dniprovska naberezhna Str., Kyiv Arkadia shopping mall, the 2nd floor 
Open: 09:00 – 23:00 
tel.: +380 99 903-96-73

At the head of the restaurant's kitchen- Chef brand of the Silpo network Marco Chervetti and world world-known pizzaiolo from, Naples Enzo Kochcha. On the menu - traditional dishes of Campania region and Enzo Kochcha’s original recipes. And, of course, pizza from the oven, as it is prepared in Naples.

Address: 1b, P. Tychyny Ave., Silver Breeze shopping mall, Kyiv tel.: +380 99 927-68-82 

The real Italy in dishes by famous in gastronomic environment in Kyiv and Europe Chef Marco Chervetti: pizza-pasta-risotto, soups, appetizers and desserts, good home-made wine and others encourage relaxation with large companies, which is extremely welcome.  

33 Dniprovska naberezhna Str., Arkadia shopping mall, Kyiv 
tel.: +380 99 903-96-73 

Slavianski Dvir
Two fast food restaurants offer delicious home-style Ukrainian dishes. Here you can have full dinner with taste in a pleasant interior of Slavic courtyard. Or to take a quick inexpensive meal.  

Addresses of Arkadia shopping malls:
154а, Borschagivska Str., Kyiv
tel.: 380 44 495-34-00
33, Dniprovska naberezhna Str., Kyiv
tel.: 380 44 393-19-31

The first bakery was opened in Kiev in 2007. Today, the four Boulangerie in Kiev have their own unique style and fans of democratic coffee and the best baking recipes from European travels.

Address: 21/20, Yaroslaviv val Str., Kyiv 
tel.: +380 44 234-04-47
7/10a, Lutheranska Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 279-33-24,
31, Shota Rustaveli Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 289-78-03
41, Sagaidachnogo Str., Kyiv
tel.: +380 44 462-53-21