-  Silpo retail chain won several nominations in Retail Awards-2015 "Consumer Choice":  "Kyiv Supermarket Chain", "Lviv Supermarket Chain", "Ukrainian Supermarket Chain". Le Silpo got the win in "Delicacy-market of Kiev" nomination
- Start a new service in Silpo chain: the ability to recharge consumer’s mobile phones accounts directly at the checkout of the supermarkets 
- Silpo launched a new project – special offer of Yezzz! mobile network for Silpo guests 
- Expansion of Vlasnyi Rakhunok: programme’s audience increased by 4.67 million households (over 11 mln participants) 
- Nezhin products are supplied to foreign markets and already represented in 12 countries 
- Expansion of retail chains: Silpo – to 273 supermarkets, Fora – to 239 convenience stores, Fozzy Cash & Carry – to 10 hypermarkets 
- Today, 750 producers of different goods from 65 countries around the globe are Fozzy Group’s direct foreign suppliers 
- Fozzy Group’s portfolio of private labels increased to 14 brands 
- Fozzy Group won in 4 nominations of Private Label 2015 National Award: “The best Project of Private Label 2015”, “Brand awareness”, “Contribution to the product category development”, “The best team of PLB 2015 among food retail chains 
-  ”Lavka Traditsіy (Shop of Traditions) extended its range from 30 local producers


- Silpo retail chain won two nominations in Retail Awards-2014 "Consumer Choice"
- Nizhynsky Cannery marked as one of the best agro companies in Ukraine at the annual awards ceremony "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine 2014"
- Expansion of Silpo to 248 supermarkets
- Expanding the Fora retail chain to 218 convenience stores
- Expanding the range of private label products to 2350 SKUs in 380 categories
- Increasing the number of suppliers worldwide to 580 manufacturing companies
- Establishment of student scholarship program "Ambassador" for Silpo retail chain
- Laboratory Quality Control Fozzy Group, founded in April 2014, has received certification of state standard
- Establishment of the own chain of travel agencies Silpo Voyage


- Premiya private label began to produce a range of children's products (for children of 5-12 y. o.) entitled Rіkі Tіkі 
- Z Alco Energy Drink private label was launched for the Fozzy Group chains       
- Fozzy Group private labels became winners in 3 categories of Private Label 2013 National Award: Brand awareness, Contribution to the category development, Innovation of the Year       
- Premium store Le Silpo was opened in Kyiv 
- 7 Silpo supermarkets were opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Melitopol, Mykolayiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Cherkasy       


- Expansion of Silpo to 237 supermarkets 
- Two Le Silpo premium supermarkets opening       
- Expansion of Fora to 159 convenient stores       
- Two Fozzy Cash&Carry opening 
- PL Premiya Wine Club launch       
- Skarbnychka (Money-box in English) offer to Vlasnyi Rakhunok Program members       


- Expansion of Silpo to 219 supermarkets 
- The chain became the first in Ukraine for national coverage 
- Launch of PL EXTRA! for Fozzy Cash&Carry chain 
- Development of ringoo chain to 345 stores 
- Set up of Premiya Design Awards 
- ТМ Nizhyn won 4 awards in Product of the Year – 2011 competition 
- The 23d Bila Romashka was opened. The first in Ukraine Centre for Skin Health was opened at the pharmacy market


- Private labels of Fozzy Group got first prizes in three categories of the Private Label 2010 National Rating 
- Development of a dedicated online service for participants of Vlasnyi Rakhunok Program 
- Opening of Divan restaurant 
- Vlasnyi Rakhunok loyalty program was introduced in Bila Romashka. Phytobars launched in the pharmacy chain. New pharmacy markets were opened in Boryspil, Sevastopol, and the largest one in Khodosivka village


- Creation of a unified Quality Department of Fozzy Group; the food products quality control became more rigorous in the Group’s chains.
- Launch of PL Povna Charka 
- Fozzy Group entered the short-list of World Retail Award 
- Ad campaign Tsina Tyzhnya (Price of the Week) got the bronze Effie 
- PL Premiya was acknowledged as the most recognizable private label in Ukraine 
- Opening of the La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant as the Republic of Cuba franchising 
- Opening of the Staromak restaurant 
- Bud Zdorovyi drugstores started to be converted into pharmacy markets Bila Romashka. The 4th pharmacy market Bila Romashka was opened


- Expansion of Silpo chain to 149 supermarkets 
- Opening of the first redesigned convenience store Fora in Kyiv 
- Opening of the first pharmaceutical supermarket Bila Romashka in Kyiv 
- Launch of PL Povna Chasha


- Growth of Silpo chain up to 143 supermarkets, Fora chain up to 79 stores, opening of the fourth hypermarket Fozzy Cash&Carry 
- Launch of Vlasnyi Rakhunok, the program for Silpo's loyal customers 
- Garage Mobile Group establishment 
- Acquisition of Bumi-Market retail chain, conclusion of cooperation agreement with Kit retail chain in Zaporizhzhya 
- Signing of agreement with Delta-Bank on financial services rendering on the territory of Silpo, Fora, Fozzy Cash&Carry chains


- Growth of Silpo chain to 105 supermarkets, Fora chain to 55 stores 
- Launch of PL Premiya in such chains as Silpo, Fora, Fozzy Cash&Carry 
- Opening of e-shop “GONZA – Magazin Samokhod”


- Opening of 29 new Silpo supermarkets in different cities of Ukraine
- Increase of Fora stores number by 22 stores 
- Opening of the third Fozzy Cash&Carry hypermarket near Kyiv 
- Acquisition of Malyn meat processing plant (Ruta LLC), opening of the Czech restaurant U Chromý Pol, creation of ТМ Otto Shtekker 
- Launch of Hotline project (tel.: 0 800 301 707) in the Silpo chain 
- Implementation of the project on production and sale of ready-made meals and semi-finished products in the Silpo supermarkets 
- Implementation of the project on opening of French bakeries in the stores of the retail chains 
- Introduction of SAP software in the group of companies 
- Conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with UVK, Ukrainski Vantazhnі Kuriery (Ukrainian Cargo Carriers)


- Acquisition of Dnepryanka chain, start of reformatting into the Fora convenience stores. Further development of the Silpo and Fora chains: 53 Silpo and 18 Fora had been opened by late 2004 
- Acquisition of confectionary plant named F. Engels


- Development of the Silpo chain up to 22 stores, of Fozzy Сash&Carry – up to 2 stores, opening of a drugstore Bud Zdorovyi chain, founding of a Fora convenience store chain (2 stores)


- 5 Silpo supermarkets opening in Kyiv, development of the retail chain in Kyiv, Nizhyn, Dnipropetrovsk and Khmelnitsky       
- Launch of utility service project Eko-service Ukraine


- Reorganization into the Group of Companies, retail business development, foodstuff production 
- Acquisition of 99.53% shares of CJSC Nizhyn canning plant, acquisition of 41.73% shares of Kyiv wholesale markets company


- Development of the reatail business: wholesale, distribution of products from the largest producers, increase of the number of permanent suppliers up to 3 000 offering over 15 000 different trademarks of foodstuff
- Founding of a Silpo chain


- Founding of Fozzy Group. The first Fozzy Cash&Carry opening in Kyiv