- In the first months of the full-scale invasion, more than 30 Silpo supermarkets suspended and then resumed operations in Kyiv and Kyiv region, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy
- During the year, we restored 17 Silpo supermarkets, 28 Fora stores and 7 Thrash!
- In May, we resumed production of bread, confectionery and coffee roasting in Vorzel, Kyiv region
- 18 Silpo supermarkets and one Thrash! stopped working and are located in the temporarily occupied territories in the east and south. Some of the stores have been physically destroyed.
- We had to close our warehouse in Kharkiv for security reasons. In March, a Russian missile destroyed the Kvitneve warehouse. 10,000 pallets of frozen products valued at UAH 542 million were destroyed in the warehouse.
- In June, an enemy missile destroyed a shopping center and a Silpo supermarket in Kremenchuk
- In November-December, two Silpo supermarkets and a Thrash! Thrash! store in Kherson reopened after the city was liberated from the enemy.
- Since the beginning of the massive rocket attacks, Silpo has launched a large-scale program to prepare for blackout conditions. All Silpo stores are equipped with diesel generators and starlinks
- In July, Fozzy Group launched LOKO, a new Ukrainian food tech startup that provides fast food and meal delivery service for guests in Kyiv
- In 2022, 8 new Silpo stores were opened. Stores have been planned and financed before the full-scale invasion


- Silpo continued to develop in the direction of creating designer supermarkets. We opened 57 new supermarkets, 35 of which are designer supermarkets, and 4 more stores were renovated. In total, the chain grew to 333 stores.
- The largest designer Silpo was opened in the Brazilian-style in the Respublika Park shopping center in Kyiv. Its area is over 4,800 square meters.
- Three Silpo stores were included in Europe's Finest Store 2021 - the top 25 best innovative designs of European stores, according to European Supermarket Magazine (Little Prince's World in Shchaslyve, Kyiv region, Silpo Diner in Odesa and RE CYCLING in Sofiivska Borshchahivka)
- Silpo became the representative of Italian gastronomy in Ukraine. The chain became a partner of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) to promote authentic Italian products in Ukraine
- The Vlasnyi Rakhunok loyalty program became fully digital
- Lavka Tradytsiy joined the international Slow Food movement, an initiative that advocates conscious consumption, preservation of local products and traditional food
- Silpo's delivery of products covered more than 55 cities
- In November, Silpo launched its own in-store radio, which is listened to by more than a million people across the country every day
- Silpo won three awards in the Retail Design Awards 2021, organized by Retailers magazine
- Silpo supermarket chain was included in the list of the best employers in Ukraine in 2021 according to Focus magazine
- In 2021, Fora retail chain has increased to 277 stores. 14 new stores were opened in 9 locations
- The chain of super price format stores THRASH! THRASH! has increased to 88 stores. In 2021 were opened 31 new stores
- In March, Fozzy Group opened a new warehouse in Lviv. The area of the Lviv warehouse is 20,058 square meters. The capacity allows to deliver 1200 pallets per day.
- Fozzy Group launched the APOLLO NEXT sports club chain. Three sports spaces opened in Kyiv
- In September, Fozzy Group was the first in Ukraine to launch a fully robotic area in its warehouse in Kvitneve village (Kyiv region).
- Fozzy Group has opened an R&D center for artificial intelligence and innovation. The center was founded as part of TemaBit, the group's IT developer
- Fozzy Group wins the Sustainability Awards from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the Best Environmental and Social Practice category.
- Dziao Bar won the main tourist award Ukraine Tourism Awards - 2021 in the nomination - "Affordable Tourism. Comfortable Restaurant"
- Positano restaurant was awarded by the authoritative Italian restaurant guide Gambero Rosso
- Academy of Taste, Lavka Tradytsiy, Positano restaurant and brand chef Marco Cervetti won in four nominations at once at the Kyiv Food Travel Awards-2021


- In 2020, three Silpo designer supermarkets were included in Europe's Finest Store, a list of the best innovative designs of European stores, according to European Supermarket Magazine (Van Gogh, Mavka's World and Murkotykovyi - all in Kyiv)
- 20 new Silpo stores were opened - 2 in Dnipro, 6 in Kyiv, 2 in Kyiv region, 1 in Mykolaiv, 1 in Vinnytsia, 3 in Lviv, 1 in Lviv region, 1 in Zhytomyr, 1 in Odesa, 1 in Rivne and 1 in Kherson. In total, the chain has grown to 276 stores.
- Silpo has allocated UAH 100 million to fight the coronavirus
- Silpo has launched an online shopping and pickup service on shop.silpo.ua. The range of products available for online shopping and pickup includes about 2000 items
- Silpo launched its own delivery service, starting with cities with the least developed courier services
- Fora stores launched an online ordering and delivery service in Kyiv and the region
- The EBRD lends $60 million to Fozzy Group to expand its retail business, open new stores, and implement green retail standards. In November, the first "green" supermarket with renewable energy was opened in Sofiyivska Borshchahivka.
- The international guide Big 7 Travel named Kyiv's Positano restaurant as the №23 pizzeria in Europe.
- Silpo supermarket chain has been ranked among the top 20 employers in Ukraine in 2019/2020 by the international HR portal grc.ua, according to the 2019/2020 Employers' Rating of Ukraine survey
- On August 1, 2020, Silpo and Fora launched a cash withdrawal service at checkouts
- Silpo has launched a system of scanning and purchase of goods (scan&go). The service is available to regular Silpo guests who are members of the Vlasnyi Rakhunok program.
- The number of unique users of the Silpo mobile application increased to 1,500,000
- Silpo became the winner in three nominations of the RAU Awards-2020 competition from the Retailers Association of Ukraine. Among the awards: "Supermarket of the Year in FMCG", "Best Innovative Retailer" and a special prize "Person of the Year in Retail", which was awarded to Andriy Shutko, Vice President of Development at Fozzy Group.


- Silpo supermarket chain continued to develop in the direction of opening designer supermarkets. 23 new supermarkets were opened, and another 5 stores were renovated. In total, the chain grew to 258 stores.

- In November, Silpo's largest designer supermarket was opened with a retail area of 5,766 square meters in Kyiv's largest shopping center, BlockBuster Mall. The store is decorated in the style of the animated movie "Mavka.The Forest Song" as a result of a creative collaboration with the Ukrainian studio Animagrad (FILM.UA Group).

- Silpo opened in River Mall in a new style - a yacht club

- Three Silpo designer supermarkets were included in Europe's Finest Store 2019 - the top 25 best innovative designs of European stores, according to European Supermarket Magazine (Steampunk supermarket in Vyshgorod, Kyiv region, Wild West in Stoyanka, Kyiv region, and Space in Kharkiv).

- Silpo wins four nominations in the Consumer Choice category of the Retail Awards 2019

- Fozzy Group actively developed innovative digital transformation and digitalization projects in 2019. In particular: mobile applications and self-service checkouts

- The number of unique users of the Silpo mobile application increased to almost 900,000

- Silpo was recognized three times as the most innovative retailer in Ukraine in 2019 (according to the Mind Innovation Index 2019 study with KMPG, Vlast Deneg magazine, TOP-100 magazine and Delo.ua)

- Marco Cervetti, the brand chef of Fozzy Group restaurant projects, was awarded The Chef of the Year by Flos Olei. The title of Restaurant of the Year 2020 from Flos Olei was also awarded to Kyiv cafes Positano and Le Grill.

- The 50 Top Pizza online guide included Kyiv's restaurant Positano in the list of the best pizzerias in Europe


- Silpo retail chain- the winner in 4 nominations of the Retail Awards - 2018 "Consumer Choice": the best network of supermarkets of Ukraine, as well as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv
- in the rating "TOP 200 best employers of Ukraine", compiled by the official publications of the State fiscal service "Visnyk. Ratings ", the top three companies Fozzy Group reached the TOP-20: the Silpo network (ranked 4th), Fora and Fozzy
- Vostok Bank has entered TOP-5 best banks for individuals according to the Project of the Ukrainian Interbank Association of Payment System Members (EMA) "#Previous_Purchase"
- in cooperation with NGO "Ukraine without garbage" 3 recyclers #silporecycling were opened
- the mobile application "Silpo" is launched, as well as with Vostok Bank and Mastercard - the opportunity to pay for purchases via QR-code and Masterpass functions
- start of the operation of the innovative postal-logistic operator Justin, whose offices are located in 500 stores and shopping centers
- 2 new restaurants in Kyiv opened: Escobar and Who & Why drinkery
- purchased "Belarus" Ltd (growing of grain crops)


- Silpo retail chain won the "Best PrivateLabel Year" project nomination, the annual National Business Award 2017
- thanks to the cooperation of Silpo, Mastercard and Bank Vostok in Ukraine a unique service - payment cards for the program "Own Account" has been introduced in Ukraine
- within the framework of the international exhibition of food and beverages WorldFood Ukraine received gold awards for the products of TM "Nizhyn" and "Greenville" TM in the categories "Vegetarian products", "Canned vegetables and fruits"
- introduced a new line of fish products TM Skadi (LLC "Lights of Hestia")


- a hard disk sales network (discounter) thrash launched! ("TRASH!"). There are currently 38 stores in 17 cities


-  Silpo retail chain won several nominations in Retail Awards-2015 "Consumer Choice":  "Kyiv Supermarket Chain", "Lviv Supermarket Chain", "Ukrainian Supermarket Chain". Le Silpo got the win in "Delicacy-market of Kiev" nomination
- Start a new service in Silpo chain: the ability to recharge consumer’s mobile phones accounts directly at the checkout of the supermarkets 
- Silpo launched a new project – special offer of Yezzz! mobile network for Silpo guests 
- Expansion of Vlasnyi Rakhunok: programme’s audience increased by 4.67 million households (over 11 mln participants) 
- Nezhin products are supplied to foreign markets and already represented in 12 countries 
- Expansion of retail chains: Silpo – to 273 supermarkets, Fora – to 239 convenience stores, Fozzy Cash & Carry – to 10 hypermarkets 
- Today, 750 producers of different goods from 65 countries around the globe are Fozzy Group’s direct foreign suppliers 
- Fozzy Group’s portfolio of private labels increased to 14 brands 
- Fozzy Group won in 4 nominations of Private Label 2015 National Award: “The best Project of Private Label 2015”, “Brand awareness”, “Contribution to the product category development”, “The best team of PLB 2015 among food retail chains 
-  ”Lavka Traditsіy (Shop of Traditions) extended its range from 30 local producers


- Silpo retail chain won two nominations in Retail Awards-2014 "Consumer Choice"
- Nizhynsky Cannery marked as one of the best agro companies in Ukraine at the annual awards ceremony "Agrarian Elite of Ukraine 2014"
- Expansion of Silpo to 248 supermarkets
- Expanding the Fora retail chain to 218 convenience stores
- Expanding the range of private label products to 2350 SKUs in 380 categories
- Increasing the number of suppliers worldwide to 580 manufacturing companies
- Establishment of student scholarship program "Ambassador" for Silpo retail chain
- Laboratory Quality Control Fozzy Group, founded in April 2014, has received certification of state standard
- Establishment of the own chain of travel agencies Silpo Voyage


- Premiya private label began to produce a range of children's products (for children of 5-12 y. o.) entitled Rіkі Tіkі 
- Z Alco Energy Drink private label was launched for the Fozzy Group chains       
- Fozzy Group private labels became winners in 3 categories of Private Label 2013 National Award: Brand awareness, Contribution to the category development, Innovation of the Year       
- Premium store Le Silpo was opened in Kyiv 
- 7 Silpo supermarkets were opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Melitopol, Mykolayiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Cherkasy       


- Expansion of Silpo to 237 supermarkets 
- Two Le Silpo premium supermarkets opening       
- Expansion of Fora to 159 convenient stores       
- Two Fozzy Cash&Carry opening 
- PL Premiya Wine Club launch       
- Skarbnychka (Money-box in English) offer to Vlasnyi Rakhunok Program members       


- Expansion of Silpo to 219 supermarkets 
- The chain became the first in Ukraine for national coverage 
- Launch of PL EXTRA! for Fozzy Cash&Carry chain 
- Development of ringoo chain to 345 stores 
- Set up of Premiya Design Awards 
- ТМ Nizhyn won 4 awards in Product of the Year – 2011 competition 
- The 23d Bila Romashka was opened. The first in Ukraine Centre for Skin Health was opened at the pharmacy market


- Private labels of Fozzy Group got first prizes in three categories of the Private Label 2010 National Rating 
- Development of a dedicated online service for participants of Vlasnyi Rakhunok Program 
- Opening of Divan restaurant 
- Vlasnyi Rakhunok loyalty program was introduced in Bila Romashka. Phytobars launched in the pharmacy chain. New pharmacy markets were opened in Boryspil, Sevastopol, and the largest one in Khodosivka village


- Creation of a unified Quality Department of Fozzy Group; the food products quality control became more rigorous in the Group’s chains.
- Launch of PL Povna Charka 
- Fozzy Group entered the short-list of World Retail Award 
- Ad campaign Tsina Tyzhnya (Price of the Week) got the bronze Effie 
- PL Premiya was acknowledged as the most recognizable private label in Ukraine 
- Opening of the La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant as the Republic of Cuba franchising 
- Opening of the Staromak restaurant 
- Bud Zdorovyi drugstores started to be converted into pharmacy markets Bila Romashka. The 4th pharmacy market Bila Romashka was opened


- Expansion of Silpo chain to 149 supermarkets 
- Opening of the first redesigned convenience store Fora in Kyiv 
- Opening of the first pharmaceutical supermarket Bila Romashka in Kyiv 
- Launch of PL Povna Chasha


- Growth of Silpo chain up to 143 supermarkets, Fora chain up to 79 stores, opening of the fourth hypermarket Fozzy Cash&Carry 
- Launch of Vlasnyi Rakhunok, the program for Silpo's loyal customers 
- Garage Mobile Group establishment 
- Acquisition of Bumi-Market retail chain, conclusion of cooperation agreement with Kit retail chain in Zaporizhzhya 
- Signing of agreement with Delta-Bank on financial services rendering on the territory of Silpo, Fora, Fozzy Cash&Carry chains


- Growth of Silpo chain to 105 supermarkets, Fora chain to 55 stores 
- Launch of PL Premiya in such chains as Silpo, Fora, Fozzy Cash&Carry 
- Opening of e-shop “GONZA – Magazin Samokhod”


- Opening of 29 new Silpo supermarkets in different cities of Ukraine
- Increase of Fora stores number by 22 stores 
- Opening of the third Fozzy Cash&Carry hypermarket near Kyiv 
- Acquisition of Malyn meat processing plant (Ruta LLC), opening of the Czech restaurant U Chromý Pol, creation of ТМ Otto Shtekker 
- Launch of Hotline project (tel.: 0 800 301 707) in the Silpo chain 
- Implementation of the project on production and sale of ready-made meals and semi-finished products in the Silpo supermarkets 
- Implementation of the project on opening of French bakeries in the stores of the retail chains 
- Introduction of SAP software in the group of companies 
- Conclusion of a strategic partnership agreement with UVK, Ukrainski Vantazhnі Kuriery (Ukrainian Cargo Carriers)


- Acquisition of Dnepryanka chain, start of reformatting into the Fora convenience stores. Further development of the Silpo and Fora chains: 53 Silpo and 18 Fora had been opened by late 2004 
- Acquisition of confectionary plant named F. Engels


- Development of the Silpo chain up to 22 stores, of Fozzy Сash&Carry – up to 2 stores, opening of a drugstore Bud Zdorovyi chain, founding of a Fora convenience store chain (2 stores)


- 5 Silpo supermarkets opening in Kyiv, development of the retail chain in Kyiv, Nizhyn, Dnipropetrovsk and Khmelnitsky       
- Launch of utility service project Eko-service Ukraine


- Reorganization into the Group of Companies, retail business development, foodstuff production 
- Acquisition of 99.53% shares of CJSC Nizhyn canning plant, acquisition of 41.73% shares of Kyiv wholesale markets company


- Development of the reatail business: wholesale, distribution of products from the largest producers, increase of the number of permanent suppliers up to 3 000 offering over 15 000 different trademarks of foodstuff
- Founding of a Silpo chain


- Founding of Fozzy Group. The first Fozzy Cash&Carry opening in Kyiv