Silpo Announces Gradual Rejection of Environmentally Damaging Refregirators 05.10.2023
Starting in 2023, the Silpo chain has begun to gradually refusing to use refrigeration equipment with greenhouse gases (HFC refrigerants). Such refrigerators are the largest source of carbon emissions in the retail industry and cause global warming. 

That is why all new Silpo supermarkets are already installing environmentally friendly refrigerators that use carbon dioxide (Co2) as a cooler. Co2 is a more dynamic refrigerant, which means it provides high-quality cooling. The system contains innovative safety features that make it completely safe for people and products and, of course, environmentally friendly. At the same time, the use of Co2 cooling systems reduces energy consumption by an average of 42% during cooling.

Such energy-efficient systems have already been installed in 5 newly opened Silpo stores in 2023, as well as in the green Silpo Recycling supermarket opened in 2020, which allowed us to reduce the carbon footprint of these facilities by an average of 68%.

Silpo's energy-efficient refrigeration furniture is supplied by Lithuanian company Freor and Italian company Epta, and environmentally friendly Co2 cooling systems are supplied by Ukrainian manufacturer Cryo System and the world's leading manufacturer of systems Advansor. The Ukrainian company Mitvirkung is responsible for installation and maintenance. In 2023, Silpo and Mitvirkung engineers and technicians were trained by industry leaders in the installation and maintenance of CO₂ refrigeration systems.

Over time, all 300 Silpo supermarkets will switch to environmentally friendly refrigeration equipment. However, in order to implement such large-scale investment projects, EU countries traditionally attract large potential donors.

Decarbonization is part of a global trend. Over the past decade, the EU, the US, and other major economies have begun to abandon HFC refrigerants in favor of CO2 equipment, and its use has increased 6 times in recent years. Since Ukraine has become a candidate for membership in the European Union, we are obliged to fulfill all the requirements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and completely eliminating HFC refrigerants by 2035.
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