5 Reasons to Visit the new Uniquely Designed Silpo Store in Yaroslavska Street 23.06.2020

The whole history of Podil, one of the oldest areas in Kyiv, through the eyes of Samson and the lion (the characters of the famous fountain on Kontraktova Square), a mural about prominent Ukrainians, a funicular and tram that ride right under the supermarket's ceiling, a model in miniature of the Zhovten movie theater, which shows unique archival photos and videos about Podil – all this was incorporated into the design of the new Silpo on 56-A Yaroslavska Street.

"For several years, we have been working to transform Silpo into something bigger than just a supermarket. To make it a place of positive emotions, new stories and experiences. We want to make every visit to Silpo not just about shopping but turn it into a little adventure. The Fountain of Samson has become a symbol of Podil since it was installed in the 18th century. We decided to create a creative reference to the history of the area, and asked ourselves, "What if Samson did not tear open the lion's mouth? What if he was friends with it? What would the lives of these characters be like?" The guests of the new supermarket will feel the spirit of traditions and walk alongside with Samson and the lion through a bright kaleidoscope of events in Podil: fr om ancient times to the present,” says Silpo's Marketing Director Kateryna Ohuriaieva.

See a Unique Video of the Old Podil

In the 1930s, the Zhovten movie theater was the first cinema in Kyiv to have a separate building and one of the first cinemas in the USSR to install sound equipment. Silpo team decided to immortalize the cradle of cinematography in Kyiv and recreated a miniature model of the part of its interior, where Samson and the lion are watching films. The screen shows a unique 17-minute video about the Podil of bygone times and footage of Zhovten's history. Workers of the Central State Film and Photo Archive named after H.S. Psenychnyi helped Silpo to collect rare archival materials.

Take a Photo with an Enormous Mural

At the entrance to the store, guests can see a mural by a Ukrainian artist CHZZ ("Cheese") with the inscription "Our destinies met on Podil." He usually depicts famous Ukrainians, whose lives were related to the murals' locations. Hetman Petro Sahaidachny, who completed his heroic journey in Podil. Prominent archaeologist Vikentii Khvoika, who discovered the relics of Trypillia culture and found mammoth fossils in Podil. Patron and founder of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Halszka Hulewiczówna. Composer, conductor, and tenor Artemy Vedel, who combined Italian choral culture with Ukrainian tradition.

Consider the History of the Symbols of Podil, Samson and the Lion

Upon entering the store, guests can see an alcove with Samson and a lion. However, unlike the famous Fountain of Samson on Kontraktova Square, the characters here are not fighting but hugging. The story of friendship between Samson and the lion continues on the walls of the supermarket: they go fishing together, visit the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, drink wine with Taras Shevchenko, ride a red Zaporozhets car, eat cakes in a cafe, and drink kvass from large yellow barrels. Podil lovers will recognize the Rye Market, wh ere the lion is shown buying meat, as well as the typical Podil buildings and their inhabitants, who are walking down the streets. In the modern version of this story, the characters go to a barbershop, skate and ride scooters, eat burgers, and take selfies.

Spot a Podil Tram and Funicular Suspended Under the Ceiling

Another two well-known symbols of Podil, a tram and a funicular, were incorporated into the Silpo’s new design. The creators of the dynamic miniature model of the funicular say that they tried to synchronize the time of its ascent and descent with the schedule of the real funicular at Podil. The red tram travels in a circle over the Lavka Tradytsii and prepared food sections.

See the Pictoric Illustrations Exhibition

At the store's entrance in Yaroslavska Street, guests will see a little exhibition space. The first exhibition "The EXTRAordinary. People of Ukraine" was created by the Silpo network in collaboration with the Pictoric Illustrators Club. This is a project aimed to express gratitude to the people, who provide support of the daily life of the country during quarantine. The first season will involve six exhibitions of pieces by famous Ukrainian illustrators. The exhibition pieces will be replaced every three weeks. The Pictoric Club will act as curator.

Founded in 1998, Silpo is one of the largest Ukrainian chains of grocery stores in Ukraine. As of June 2020, there are 262 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen. The company has a project to support and develop small Ukrainian producers called Lavka Tradytsii, whose products can be purchased at Silpo and Le Silpo delicatessen. It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. Silpo is one of the few large grocery retailers in the world that creates an individual themed design for each store. Last year, three Silpo designer stores entered Europe’s Finest Store 2019, the top 25 best innovative designs in European stores according to European Supermarket Magazine.

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