How Bank Vostok is Helping in the Coronavirus Fight 06.05.2020

Bank Vostok continues to take an active part in the fight against the pandemic. Every day, the bank allocates funds for vital equipment for hospitals and tests to detect the virus for laboratories, and provides medical workers with personal protective equipment and other necessities during quarantine.

What we have done during the quarantine

  • Repaired two ventilators

From now on, the devices are operational and can save lives of many people.

  • Purchased two SV300 ventilators and one Breeze ventilator

SV300 ventilators are the latest expert-class devices for artificial lung ventilation used for various-aged patients. They have a full set of modes of artificial lung ventilation and extensive control of vital functions of patients.

Breeze ventilators are used in intensive care and life support units, as well as in operating rooms to provide inhalation anesthesia with nitrous oxide.

The devices were transferred to the Odesa City Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital and the Odesa Regional Clinical Hospital.

  • Purchased three OLV-10 oxygen concentrators (set A) for medical use

This device enables support of vital body functions of patients.

  • Donated UAH 2,5 mln to charity funds

The money was donated to foundations helping to fight the pandemic, including International Committee of the Red Cross and Monster Corporation Charity Fund.

  • Purchased tests to detect coronavirus

We provided the Virology Laboratory of the Odesa Regional Laboratory Center under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with a reagent kit to help perform 100 PCR tests, a Genekam kit for detecting RNA of viruses, and a reagent kit Novel CoronaVirus 2020 for 100 reactions.

  • Provided doctors with necessary equipment

We purchased 70 sets of anti-epidemic clothing BIO SECURITY, 306 protective surgical gowns, and 42 racks for dispensaries 1,000 ml ER-T.

Bank Vostok will continue taking an active part in the fight against the pandemic and help Ukrainians stay healthy.

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