A themed Art Brut Silpo supermarket opened in Kherson 15.12.2020
15 December 2020, a redesigned new Silpo themed after the Art Brut movement opened in Kherson central shopping mall at 49 Ushakova avenue. This supermarket is celebrating all those artists whose talents are still to be revealed to the world. It is the works of Kherson artist Polina Raiko that inspired Silpo team to choose this  theme. 

1336 square meters of the supermarket are boosting with the colours of steppe and contrasting shadows of the Southern Sun. Art objects of gigantic birds and fish are symbolizing hope and love that live in our hearts. The showcased installations look like they were born fr om the tender half-dreams of hot summer nights:  these creations are a wondrous universe of magical plants and animals. The wall paintings themed after the Southern flora motives are handcrafted.

"We enjoy introducing contrasting and new aesthetics into the municipal landscapes. A supermarket should not be a utilitarian construction alone, that is why with every new supermarket we are trying to add new colours and ideas into the fabric of our life. With this turning the process of buying food into a delicious one on so many different levels adding pinches of happiness into our lives," –  explains Kateryna Oguryaeva, Silpo Marketing Director.

Implementation of the visual concept was coordinated with representatives of the Charitable Foundation named after Polina Raiko, whose consultations were priceless in terms of artistic inspiration for the project. Here are a few thoughts shared by one of our illustration artists: "Kherson region is quite a complex territory in terms of its character, contrasts and bright colours. We wanted our illustrations to reflect that: the constant struggle between the blooming, life-boosting positive side of the South and all of its scary dark sides hiding in the bottomless shades that are always there even on the sunniest day ever. To tell the story of the nature of the South of Ukraine you need not only to shut your eyes, forget all the stereotypes, double standards, contexts, somebody else's believes and opinions. When you open them – you are reborn with the ability to look at a flower like a child and see only the flower."

This contrasting and rich nature of Kherson region is not only reflected in the store's interiors, but in the product assortment as well. The newly redesigned Silpo offers its guests services from a florist assistance to opening life oysters. The coffee shop has both Chinese and Ukrainian courses, as well as even pizza and shawarma.

Fish section is a place for you to pick black and red caviar, seafood from an ice plate, ready smoked and red fish or order any other type of fish to be smoked to your liking. The other attractions of this Silpo include an olive bar and a big "Traditional specialties" (Lavka Tradytsii) section, professional cortador-run hamon-cutting section and the grill stall, wh ere you can order grilled products. The legendary bakery section is also here boasting pie baking additionally to its loaves oven baking operations. 

As for a personal touch, if the wide selection of sweets is not enough for you, then our own internationally awarded chocolatiers will be able to surprise you with exclusive candies and to top it all they do take individual orders.

What is more, you can simply drop by the supermarket to sit and relax with a cup of coffee at our coffee shop FEEL__trd. We are open from 8 am till 23 pm seven days a week.

Additionally Silpo is not only gets inspiration from the colourful Kherson oblast, we care about it just as much.  Instead of plastic bags we have starch-based compostable eco-bags. Our employees separate waste for recycling as we have installed containers for different waste fractions on site.

About Silpo

Founded in 1998, Silpo is one of the national biggest food supermarket chains in Ukraine.   As of December 2020, there are 272 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen-markets.  It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest commercial groups in the country.

Silpo is one of a few large grocery chain retailers in the world who create unique themed designs for each of their stores. Presently there are over 60 thematic designer supermarkets and 4 Le Silpo delicatessen-markets, each one with its unique designer concept. Silpo creates this themed atmosphere for its employees as well, for staff rooms are also designed in line with the store theme. There are supermarkets styled to look like a snapshot from the worlds of Ukrainian nymph Mavka, music, Jamaica, cats etc. Silpo team also gets inspiration from paintings by Van Gogh, classic rock-music hits, Asian culture, Kyiv Podil history, etc. This year, for the 4th time three Silpo themed supermarkets were listed among top Europe’s Finest Store 2020 for the best innovative designs in European stores, according to the European Supermarket Magazine.

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