Silpo To Open 4-5 Feeltrd Coffee Shops By The End of The Year 18.08.2020

The chain is going to reopen coffee areas in its stores.

According to Fozzy Group's coffee expert Yevhen Horban, their team built a concept around simplicity: a short and clear menu, brief communication with the barista, speed and convenience, a shelf with coffee accessories, freshly roasted coffee beans, and the opportunity to buy freshly cooked food. There are always two varieties of espresso coffee to choose from, one of which is seasonal, which you can ask from your barista. In addition to coffee, the menu includes traditional matcha, matcha latte and cocoa matcha, lemonades, some quality teas, and the specialty beverage Feeltrd.

“The coffee industry is now developing very rapidly, so my team and I decided to combine all our knowledge in a new concept. Essentially, the range, quality of coffee, and modification of equipment is nothing without professionals who are competent to work with it. That is why all baristas in our redesigned coffee shops get special training and take a test before starting work,” explains Yevhen Horban.

The name of the brand, Feeltrd, combines the words 'filtered' and 'feel.' The first Feeltrd coffee shop has already opened next to Silpo in Kyiv's Silver Breeze mall. By the end of the year, Feeltrd coffee shops are set to open in the Silpo store in Gulliver shopping mall (Kyiv), as well as in new Silpo stores in Odesa and Dnipro. Concepts of new themed supermarkets are already being developed so that they will include new-format coffee shops.

The coffee shops use modern equipment: LaMarzocco Linea PB X, two espresso coffee grinders Mythos One and one direct coffee grinder DITTING KR 804, Puqpress autotamper, filter coffee maker Fetco CBS 2111 xts, and water treatment system Ecosoft Robust PRO.

Freshly roasted coffee is one of the main areas of Silpo's own production and import. Coffee beans are purchased from various plantations around the world and roasted in our own workshop in Vorzel using one of the best roasters, Giesen. An individual roasting method is selected for each coffee variety to emphasize the aroma and taste. In 2019, the chain imported 335 tons of green coffee of 39 varieties, which are sold in special departments. Within a year, Silpo's customers drank 9.3 million cups of coffee.

Founded in 1998, Silpo is one of the largest food supermarket chains in Ukraine. It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. As of July 2020, there are 264 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen and online store Silpo is one of the few large grocery retailers in the world that creates a unique themed design for each store. This year, three Silpo themed supermarkets entered Europe’s Finest Store 2020, the best innovative designs in European stores, according to European Supermarket Magazine. The company has a project to support and develop small Ukrainian producers called Lavka Tradytsii, whose products can be purchased at Silpo and Le Silpo delicatessen.

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