New Silpo store in pagan style opened in Ivano-Frankivsk 21.08.2023
On August 20, a new Silpo design supermarket was opened in Ivano-Frankivsk in the Veles+ shopping center at 225 Vovchynets Street. This is the fourth Silpo in the city, with a trading area of 1976 square meters.

The concept of a "pagan" supermarket was inspired by the name of the Veles+ shopping center. The new store combines the elements, the beauty of nature, and ancient pagan symbols - all under the patronage of the ancient Slavic god Veles, the patron saint of prosperity, agriculture and animal farming, crafts and trade.

It is the statue of Veles that greets guests at the entrance to the store. In the middle of the vegetable department there is an installation of the tree of life, which in our culture symbolizes the unity of three worlds - heavenly, earthly and otherworldly. The checkout lightboxes are made in the form of Veles totems, and the design of the trading hall features many ancient pagan symbols and elements of everyday life.

In the new Silpo, guests will always find special atmospheric zones: bakery products fr om Kraftyar with a totem buckwheat baguette, tandoor pita bread and other fragrant pastries created by the element of fire, as we bake bread on wood. There are also fish of our own production, fragrant cooking dishes, and selected farm products from the Lavka Tradytsiy.

For your convenience, there are 10 classic cash desks wh ere guests can deposit money to their mobile accounts and receive cash, as well as 6 self-service checkouts. The store is open daily from 08:00 to 23:00. Guests will also be able to buy products on and pick them up at the point of delivery of online sales.
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