Easter game from Silpo: Win the Battle of Easter Eggs 29.04.2024
Easter holidays always bring little joy and magic. This year, Silpo supermarket chain invites all Ukrainians to remember their childhood and play a fun Easter game - egg tapping. To do this, we have created a special mobile game that is available in the Silpo app. 

The game is called «Egg Club», inspired by Chuck Polanick's cult novel «Fight Club» and the movie of the same name. In our club, you can have fun, win nice prizes, and also let off steam, because "fighting with eggs" is a good way to do it.

In the game, you choose one of eight characters to fight. Each egg in the game is a personality. They have their own hobbies, go to work, and live a normal egg life. For example, graphic designer Kruty Oleh works from home and has been building up his potential for the ring all year, individual entrepreneur of the 3rd group Bovtanka Marina is a multitasker in the beauty industry, and traveler Perepelyniy Max knows almost all types of fights - from sumo to capoeira and is now studying Easter fights of Ukrainians.

The game is easy to play:

1. Download and/or open the Silpo mobile app;
2. Search for «Egg Club» on the main screen;
3. Invite your friends to play and compete online;
4. Accumulate points and exchange them for additional offers.
5. Players who make it to the top ten will receive an Easter basket and Silpo merchandise.

Join the Silpo Egg Club. Show who is the coolest.

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