Marco Cervetti, Brand Chef of Fozzy Group, is Among the Best Chefs in Ukraine 30.08.2023
Peter Marshall, a well-known British publisher of numerous recipe books and magazines, has made a list of the best chefs working in Ukraine. Marco Cervetti, brand chef of Fozzy Group, one of the largest commercial and industrial groups, was chosen for the book "25 Best Chefs of Ukraine".

The book features such well-known professionals as Stefano Antoniolli, Serhiy Bashynskiy, Artem Blauta, Igor Bragin, Hennadiy Honchar, Vitaliy Huralevych, Taras Khrushch, Denys Komarenko, Evgen Korolev, Yurii Koshyk, Yurii Kovryzhenko, Oleksiy Krakowskiy, Igor Kramarenko, Serhiy Matuzov, Yuriy Nikitiuk, Vyacheslav Popkov, Yuriy Pryiemskyi, Petro Saman, Taras Shevchenko, Victor Tymchyshyn, Alex Yakutov, Volodymyr Yaroslavskiy, Oleksandr Yourz, and Olena Zhabotynska.

"When I moved to Ukraine nine years ago, it was a country I knew little about. I was intrigued by what I might find, and that started me on a never-ending voyage of culinary discovery. I have visited countless restaurants and talked to numerous chefs - those who have taken traditional dishes, turned them on their head and given them a modern twist to those who are really at the cutting edge of a new frontier in the country. And it was that which inspired this book, bringing together the stories and recipes of 25 of Ukraine's top chefs," says Peter Marshall.

The book will give you an insight into the personalities behind our growing restaurant industry. Many of the chefs are on a mission to honor Ukraine's culinary history. They also want to introduce new foods, new cooking styles, and new cuisine fr om around the world to the older and younger generations. The publisher notes that the list is by no means final. After all, there are many bright chefs in Ukraine who have made a career and built a reputation for life.

The publication is bilingual, available in Ukrainian and English. In addition to personal stories about chefs, the book also includes simple recipes that can be cooked at home. The book is available on the shelves of Silpo supermarkets, Le Silpo delicatessen stores and Silpo's online supermarket

About Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall began his journey into the world of professional chefs with the publication of Chef Magazine 15 years ago. Since then, he has published more than 30 recipe books, including the unique Recipes for Chefs. This book was originally published as a lim ited edition hardcover, The Chef Book, and is now available as an eBook.

About Marco Cervetti

Marco Cervetti is a true culinary philosopher by vocation and brand chef of Silpo, Le Silpo, Silpo Resto and Positano Neapolitan restaurant by profession. Before moving to Ukraine, Marco owned a bar in Venice and organized dinner parties for the Venice Biennale. His main passions are seafood, wine and the history of cuisines of different nations. According to Marco, food changes with people and their lifestyles, which is why we have thousands of variations of the same dishes.

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