«Plus to Life»: Silpo and Tata Kepler raise UAH 40 million to save Ukraine's defenders lives 13.06.2024

The Silpo supermarket chain and the Ptahy project, led by volunteer Tata Kepler, are launching a long-term campaign called «Plus to Life» to support the troops.

The goal is to raise 40 million hryvnias for tactical medicine for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine units, the Da Vinci Wolves battalion, the AZOV brigades, and the 3rd Assault Brigade. This tactical medicine will help save lives of our defenders on the front line.

1 hryvnia will be donated to purchase tactical medicine for each of the 500+ promotional items sold at Silpo supermarkets and the online store shop.silpo.ua.

«Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Silpo has been providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, charitable organizations, hospitals, orphanages, and anyone in need. Currently, we recognize the urgent need for tactical medicine and have decided to concentrate our efforts in this area. Our primary goal is to support medical professionals in saving the injured by supplying them with essential equipment. So from now on, in all Silpo stores, you can buy over 500 products that 'add to life.' By purchasing favourite products with special markings, our guests will contribute to sending thousands of tactical medicine items to the front line,» said Kateryna Oguryayeva, Silpo's Marketing Director. «We would be pleased if other partners would join us with the Ptahy project, as together we can achieve even more.»

«When you donate to tactical medicine, you donate to save lives. Medicines, tourniquets, and backpacks for combat medics that we send to the frontline every day provide additional opportunities for medics to save lives. Takmed provides support for those who save us every minute,» says volunteer Tata Kepler.

The funds raised through the campaign will be used to purchase the following medical supplies:

- CAT tourniquets: to stop bleeding in severe wounds of the extremities
- Hemostatics: to stop bleeding in open deep wounds
- Xstats: to stop bleeding in difficult areas of the body (neck, groin)
- Occlusive Dressing: to prevent air from entering the lungs in case of injury
- BVM (bag valve mask): to pump air when a person cannot breathe on their own
- Intraosseous Vascular Access System: to allow injection of a drug into the bone when it is impossible to do it through a vein
- Thermal blankets: to help the wounded retain their body heat and keep warm during bleeding
- Bandages: to stop bleeding in case of soft tissue injuries
- Emergency stretchers: to help carry the wounded to a safe place
- Combat medic's backpack

Get involved in the fundraising for tactical medicine with «Plus to Life». Here’s how you can join:

1. Buy promotional products labeled «Plus to Life» in Silpo or shop.silpo.ua – 1 hryvnia from each product sold will be donated to the Ptahy project.

2. Transfer bonuses in the Silpo mobile application. To do this, select «Saving soldiers on the front line» in the application.

3. When ordering LOKO delivery, choose products with a special mark.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to get involved, please email us at plus@fozzy.ua.

Join the «Plus to Life» fundraising and help save the lives of the defenders. Every donation counts!

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