Silpo breaks records by cooking Ukraine's smallest borscht 27.05.2024

On May 24, 2024, Silpo set a gastronomic record for the smallest borscht in the history of Ukraine. The 7 ml micro borscht was cooked by Mykola Ilyin, the chef of the Silpo Resto food hall chain. This borscht is so tiny that it fits on two teaspoons.

Silpo guests took part in the cooking ceremony. They, along with a technical expert from the National Register of Records of Ukraine, recorded the record and made sure that the borscht turned out to be delicious and rich.

Mykola Ilyin said that he used a 7-ml micro-cauldron to make the micro-borscht. To make the borscht richer, he prepared a meat micro-broth in advance and baked carrots and beets in the oven.

«At Silpo, we like to experiment, and even more so, we like to surprise our guests. Usually, people think of records as something that has to be «the fastest, the highest, or the biggest.» However, we thought, why not go in the opposite direction and set a record for the smallest dish in Ukraine? And what is the most iconic dish in Ukrainian cuisine? Of course, it's borscht. By the way, we didn't stop at setting a record. Our guests will be able to order a borscht ceremony at the chain's food halls to not only taste micro-borscht but also witness its preparation», says Kateryna Oguryayeva, Silpo's Marketing Director.

Starting now, you can find a «borscht ceremony» on the Silpo Resto menu. You can order it at the food hall by calling the administrator and booking a time. The chef of Silpo Resto will prepare the smallest borsch in Ukraine on a micro-stove. You can taste this flavorful dish right away. We promise that you'll be thrilled by the taste.

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