Silpo Offers Guests to Switch to E-Receipts to Save the Planet 07.08.2023
Silpo has launched a project to issue electronic fiscal receipts in the Silpo mobile application. This is an eco-friendly alternative that will help our guests to refuse fr om paper receipts when purchasing their favorite goods.

Today, the e-receipt function is already available in 200 stores, and by the end of the year we plan to make it available in all Silpo stores. As soon as this happens, guests will be notified.

How do I switch to e-receipts?

You can receive an e-receipt on your phone. To do this, update the Silpo app, sel ect your supermarket and enable the "Do not print a receipt"* function. And instead of paper receipts at the checkout, you will receive a link in the Silpo mobile application: by clicking on this link, you will be able to open the fiscal document. At the same time, if you want to continue to receive paper receipts at the checkout or if you need a paper receipt fr om time to time, you can return the function of printing receipts at the checkout right there in the application.

Why is it important?

It's better for our environment without paper receipts. Receipts are made of thermal paper that contains bisphenol-A, which turns black when heated, so the text appears on the receipt. But because of the bisphenol, the receipts are hardly ever recycled. Silpo prints 850-950 thousand receipts every day, and collects about 300 million of them a year. That's 57 thousand kilometers of cash register tape per year, which is the same as the four diameters of the planet Earth. We want to change this, so we offer you to refuse paper receipts, which, by the way, most guests leave at the cash desk.

Does an e-receipt have legal force?

A digital fiscal receipt is the same as a paper receipt, i.e. a document confirming the purchase of any goods. It has the same legal force, but does not contain bisphenol and paper.

* Learn more about how to enable the e-receipts option:

Update or install the updated Silpo app.
Go to the "In store" section.
Select the supermarket wh ere you shop - you can check if your Silpo currently offers e-receipts here:
Open the screen with the QR code of the "Vlasnyi Rakhunok" card and enable the "Do not print a receipt" function.
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