The Atmosphere of a Mystical Forest in the New Silpo in Bilohorodka 13.10.2023
On October 13, 2023, the greenest Silpo of all was opened in Bilohorodka, Kyiv region, at 19 Budivelna Street.

Its style is dedicated to the Goblincore trend, an aesthetic that promotes closeness to nature. Here, moss has grown on tree trunks, colorful mushrooms rise above the rows of your favorite delicacies, and snails hint: slow down, enjoy the moment, the aroma of baking and the beauty of forest flora and fauna.

To help you see the mystical forest creatures, the interior of the 1500 m2 sales area is decorated in a natural style: wood, green shades and plants. The wallpaper illustrates the story of the goblin "guardian of the forest", and the columns are decorated in the form of trees and decorated with moss.

The departmental signs are made of planks, a vivid reminder of the reasonable consumption promoted by the Goblincor culture. In these departments, you can find the main characters of Silpo's forest gastronomic history: pastries from Kraftyar, meat for barbecue, pizza, fish, cooking dishes and the most interesting fruits from around the world, found by the wizards of Own Import.

You can join a walk in the forest every day from 8:00 to 23:00. You can pay for the goodies at 9 cash desks and 5 self-service cash desks. Guests can also order products on ( for home delivery and pick them up at an online ordering point.

Silpo is one of the largest food supermarket chains in Ukraine. Currently, 312 stores operate across the country. The chain offers Own Imports products from more than 80 countries, high-quality selected products of Ukrainian craftsmen from Lavka Tradytsii, its own brands, as well as its own products - from fragrant Kraftyar baked goods to Vlasna Kondyterska sweets. Silpo also pays great attention to the guest's experience, so each new store is individually designed.
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