The FOZZY Hypermarket in Odesa was Completely Destroyed as a Result of an Enemy Missile Attack 14.08.2023

Odesa, we are tormented as all of us are. Today, our peaceful city in the south of Ukraine became the target of a new cynical Russian attack.

The FOZZY hypermarket was completely destroyed as a result of an enemy missile attack. For more than 20 years, the store has been providing Odesa residents with delicious and high-quality products.

The most important thing is that we did not lose our people. Three of our colleagues who were injured in the night attack are in the hospital. We are in touch with them and their families. We hope that our thoughts and actions will help them recover as soon as possible.

We are grateful to the rescuers who heroically extinguished the fire. We are grateful to the doctors for their timely assistance. We are grateful to everyone who is with Odesa and FOZZY in their thoughts and emotions. We are grateful to all the guests who are now expressing their words of support. There are so many of you and we appreciate every one of you.

Everything burned down in the Odesa FOZZY store - the building, equipment, and goods. Of course, the store is closed.

For 270 employees of the Odesa hypermarket, we will offer jobs in other Fozzy Group businesses and relocation to other cities with FOZZY hypermarkets.

We have yet to accurately assess the damage, but we are talking about hundreds of millions of hryvnias. These are huge losses, so it's too early to talk about future plans. Despite the enemy's attacks, we continue to work. We are holding on, standing and believing in victory! Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!

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