To international companies that continue to operate on the territory of aggressor state the Russian Federation 06.03.2022

Wake up! Come to your senses! Read carefully the values ​​of your company and find where it says about cowardice, spinelessness, and greed. Right now, people are dying in Ukraine, innocent children, women and men of all ages and professions—all the people you call your customers whose needs you meet and segment accordingly.


These days, the global community intently and anxiously watches the events in Ukraine and divides brands into two segments only. The first segment will come out of this horror with honor, the second one will disgrace themselves.


We see incredible examples of Apple, Ikea, Google, Microsoft, Nike, IBM. Ask yourself if your company is on this list. Will future generations forgive your cowardice and indecision? What will be your brand personality tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow!


You will be pushed. By your country. By other retailers that we have already approached to support democracy. By public opinion and your own conscience. Because you yourself know exactly the right thing to do. So you can honestly look into your children’s eyes, who, unlike ours, do not hide in basements and bomb shelters, do not lie in hospital beds without light, do not lose their parents every minute while you delay. You may be compelled to make a decision anyway. Maybe in a week, maybe in two, but the stain on your brand's reputation will remain for decades.


Do it now. Refuse to conduct any business with Russia, which is committing genocide against Ukrainians. If your management or shareholders have no conscience, state your personal position. Prove that you have a conscience

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