Silpo Launches Ninth #SilpoRecycling Station and Tests the Service for Sorted Garbage Removal by Courier 31.07.2020
Silpo Launches Ninth #SilpoRecycling Station and Tests the Service for Sorted Garbage Removal by Courier

On July 31, 2020, a new recycling station started operation in Zaporizhzhia at 64 Peremohy Street.

“In Zaporizhzhia, we decided to test a new service that will motivate Silpo customers to become more environmentally friendly and help the planet. They can return the prepared and sorted recyclables to the delivery courier, who will take them to the #SilpoRecycling station for further processing. Customers will gain additional eco-points for caring for the environment. The maximum amount that a delivery courier can take is 60 liters (a bag of sugar),“ says #SilpoRecycling Project Manager Halyna Dmytruk.

The project was implemented in partnership with the civic organization Koliorovi Vidra. This is the second modern recycling station #Silporecycling in Zaporizhzhia. Currently, there are 9 #Silporecycling stations in major cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, and Zaporizhzhia).

Everyone who brings waste for recycling will receive an incentive in the form of points under My Own Account program. 1 kg of glass yields 50 points, 1 kg of paper is 110 points, 1 kg of metal is 1,000 points, and 1 kg of plastic is 350 points.

According to the rules of My Own Account program, after the end of the reporting period, points are converted into bonuses that can be used for purchases in Silpo stores. Points convert into bonuses with the following exchange rate: 1 point = 1 kopeck, 100 points = 1 UAH.

The station will accept the following types of recyclable materials:
• plastic: PET bottles, stretch film, plastic bags, packaging with HDPE labeling;
• paper: cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers, paper packaging, Tetra Pak packaging;
• glass: glass bottles, jars, baby food bottles;
• metal: aluminum cans.

3pm – 8pm (weekdays)
9am – 2pm (weekend)
Holidays – days off

Founded in 1998, Silpo is one of the largest food supermarket chains in Ukraine. It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. As of July 2020, there are 263 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen and online store Silpo is one of the few large grocery retailers in the world that creates a unique themed design for each store. Last year, three Silpo themed supermarkets entered Europe’s Finest Store 2019, the top 25 best innovative designs in European stores, according to European Supermarket Magazine. The company has a project to support and develop small Ukrainian producers called Lavka Tradytsii, whose products can be purchased at Silpo and Le Silpo delicatessen.
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