MINK Online Dry Cleaning Has Opened Its First Offline Space 08.12.2023
MINK, the first online dry cleaning service in Ukraine, opened its first offline space in Kyiv in early December.

From now on, anyone who needs high-quality cleaning, laundry or repair services for clothes, shoes and various accessories can not only order a courier, but also bring their items to the offline space in the Silpo store in the village of Lisnyky, Kyiv region (170 Vatutina Street). In the near future, MINK plans to open a second offline space in Silpo in the Respublika Park shopping center.

The offline space works on the principle of self-service. You leave your belongings in a special bag with an individual number, enter your contact information, phone number, and individual number yourself or with the help of an administrator, and that's all you need to do, then go about your business.

No more paperwork or other unnecessary processes of describing things. All communication and order approval takes place on your smartphone. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to receive items. The return delivery can be a free courier to the guest's address or to the offline space.

"MINK going offline is a continuation of our online service. Our mission remains unchanged - we want our guests to be comfortable, with minimal hassle and maximum care. In the new offline spaces, our guests can feel our mood even more, so that the guest feels good," says project manager Yulia Krylova.

Currently, MINK has already gained a strong position among dry cleaners, with the number of orders growing by 10-35% every month, depending on the season. MINK is actively working in the direction of online and offline for B2C guests, as well as developing the B2B segment by providing services to boutiques. The number of items in an order is also growing - on average, a guest orders the cleaning of three items, which confirms their trust in the service. Of course, it didn't happen overnight; first, the guest tests the service on one item, and then sends several.

You can order a cleaning online on the MINK website. The courier arrives at a convenient 2-hour slot. And 30 minutes before arrival, he will call the number that was specified when placing the order. If you are outside of Kyiv or in the regions, a Nova Poshta courier will visit you. Pickup and delivery by MINK courier and Nova Poshta courier to all cities is free of charge.

The guest can always write to MINK in the Telegram chat, check the status of the order, change the delivery address, add services, etc. MINK also provides free advice from a technologist.
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