Tom Sawyer adventures in Odesa Silpo 17.12.2020
17 December 2020, a designer supermarket themed after Tom Sawyer adventures opened in Odessa at 51 General Petrov street.

The design concept of the supermarket brings to life a carefree childhood atmosphere of the 19th century, that we know so well about fr om the books by Mark Twain. From the first to the last of its 1600.1 sq.meters, the training floor tells us through illustrations and installations the stories from the book.

The biggest installation in the store is a gigantic Mississippi ship with moving ship parts and story characters who were lucky to travel along with Tom Sawyer, walking on board to the sounds of rushing water and moving lights.

You will spot this Silpo from afar noticing a huge wheel on the building and the famous scene with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn paining the fence right over the entrance gates. You will see those mischievous boys again inside the store on the raft near the Spirits section and the cafe FEEL__trd.

Odesa Silpo wouldn't be true to itself without a wide fish selection: a separate caviar refrigerator, seafood, iced fish and in-house smoked options, sushi and an aquarium wh ere you can choose any fish you liked and ask for it to be gutted, de-finned and scaled. 

Bread loaves fresh from the oven, delicatessen and salad-bar are here for you. The new additions are the possibility to order your products to be grilled, a wide variety of healthy food and a whole island, a "Traditional specialties" (Lavka Tradytsii) section with local products produced by small family-run farms. Cortador is ready to assist you at our hamon section with those delicious hamon legs hanging around. You can always add a finishing flowery touch to your cart by buying a bouquet or two in our flower boutique.

About Silpo

Founded in 1998, Silpo is one of the national biggest food supermarket chains in Ukraine.   As of December 2020, there are 272 supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen-markets.  It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest commercial groups in the country.

Silpo is one of a few large grocery chain retailers in the world who create unique themed designs for each of their stores. Presently there are over 60 thematic designer supermarkets and 4 Le Silpo delicatessen-markets, each one with its unique designer concept. Silpo creates this themed atmosphere for its employees as well, for staff rooms are also designed in line with the store theme. There are supermarkets styled to look like a snapshot from the worlds of Ukrainian nymph Mavka, music, Jamaica, cats etc. Silpo team also gets inspiration from paintings by Van Gogh, classic rock-music hits, Asian culture, Kyiv Podil history, etc. This year, for the 4th time three Silpo themed supermarkets were listed among top Europe’s Finest Store 2020 for the best innovative designs in European stores, according to the European Supermarket Magazine.

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