Neofolk in the New Silpo in Lviv 15.09.2023
On September 15, a new Silpo supermarket was opened in Lviv in the Sodova shopping center (2a Sadova St.). This is the twentieth Silpo in the city of Lviv, with a retail area of 1219 square meters.

The new Silpo is designed in neo-folk style. The visual style of the new store is based on the Ukrainian traditional style, which represents the desire for beauty: harmonious life of man and nature, the desire to do good to your family and your nation, combined with digital aesthetics. The store's design concept was created by Roman Chizz, an artist and technology designer. He explores Ukrainian visual heritage, so his work is a symbiosis of ornamentation and artificial intelligence.

Those who have already visited this Silpo have gained a new visual experience and expanded their understanding of ornamental symbolism. The store features various elements of traditional art - motanka, ruzhi, svishchyk (an ancient whistle toy).

"Only after passing through difficult trials many of us were able to realize and understand the emotional connection that encompasses the human heart when it comes to the homeland, the place where we were born and raised. This feeling permeates the soul, evoking feelings of attachment, patriotism, and independence," Roman Chizz shares his impressions.

Of course, in addition to sacred meanings, our new supermarket is not devoid of everything you love about Silpo. Here, pixelated embroideries from different regions of Ukraine stretch between the rows of delicious culinary dishes. Motanka dolls protect the process of baking the most fragrant bread. And whistles control the process of buying goods at the checkout.

You can dive into this collision of past and present through the digital format every day from 08:00 to 22:00. You can pay for the goodies at 13 cash registers, including 5 self-service cash registers.
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